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Heidi Specker

I find the work of German photographer Heidi Specker truly fascinating. It is the captivating contrasts of mundane objects in her compositions, objects creating patterns that would be usually ignored but become alive with her pictures. More images here, and don’t miss her books.

I am interested in the contrast between recorded reality and the effect of the image that I create. – Heidi Specker

This is why we start, this is why we keep doing it …, isn’t it?

In the moments when inspiration does not find our path, or when the jobs are scarce or the client complains too much … remember, it is all about the fun. Enjoy the moments when photography flows from inside …

More about Jacques-Henri Lartigue after the jump. Some pictures here, here, here and here.

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[Limited series prints for sale at at the Humble Arts Foundation]

I am very pleased to post an in-depth interview with photographer Jennifer Loeber. Jennifer Loeber is a young photographer based in New York City. Jennifer’s portfolio reflects the exploration of an evolving artistic vision, from documentary series to portraits that have the quality to bridge both the subject and the viewer with a unique sense of intimacy. Her work was exhibited at a group show by the Humble Arts Foundation in New York City. Her latest series, Zeig Mal (Show Me), was featured in a profile on Gothamist.com and her first feature documentary, Fishkill Flea, is currently exhibiting internationally. Jennifer has also a personal blog.

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Via Gallery Hopper, I found the newest work of the great Michael Kenna, a series of New York City that was exhibited at the Robert Mann Gallery (images here) in New York. It is wonderful to see the unique “Kenna” style, with dark shadows, high contrast and clean lines. His work provides a distinct look of “perhaps” the most photographed city in the world. Few weeks ago I had the opportunity to see some of his prints and I have to say that if you ever get the chance to see a print from Michael Kenna prepare yourself to turn breathless. They are so amazing.

Blogs, discussion forums, and bulletin boards are very popular in China. They’re heavily filtered by keyword blocks. Blogs’ service providers do not let posts with certain words be published, and blogs are also censored manually [via CNN]

My fellow blogger and photographer Doug Stockdale, is having a hard time accessing blogs while traveling in China. Here I loan him again a post so he can share his experiences and findings on how to access a blog when you are in China. If any reader has information on how the censorship that limits access to external blogs from China works, or how to get around it, please share it with us. Here there is some information about China Censorship from wikipedia.

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It is my great pleasure to introduce a guest contributor, photographer and blogger Doug Stockdale [Singular Images], who is now in China. He provides in this post a very interesting snapshot of his experience while visiting the fine art scene in Sanghai, at the heart of the M50 district, where modern art and fine art photography is flourishing. It is good to learn more about this amazing country and get a first hand experience on how fine art photography is getting momentum there.

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