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This blog has moved …

If by any chance you have arrived here, I like to tell you that this blog has moved to a different server.

To find the new blog, please enter the following html address:


Thanks very much, and sorry for the inconvenience.



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Blogs, discussion forums, and bulletin boards are very popular in China. They’re heavily filtered by keyword blocks. Blogs’ service providers do not let posts with certain words be published, and blogs are also censored manually [via CNN]

My fellow blogger and photographer Doug Stockdale, is having a hard time accessing blogs while traveling in China. Here I loan him again a post so he can share his experiences and findings on how to access a blog when you are in China. If any reader has information on how the censorship that limits access to external blogs from China works, or how to get around it, please share it with us. Here there is some information about China Censorship from wikipedia.


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Open for applications to any photographers that need access to funds to support a photographic objective. The grants will be between $1000-$5000 and the proposals should be sent between Jan 12th to Feb 11th, 2008. The grants and proposals cover a broad range of uses for the money. If you need money to push a project forward, you can give it a try. Read here for more info.


These grants are intended to allow photographers to pursue a specific photographic ambition. It might be to attend a seminar, workshop, or course (those provided by any of the panel of judges are excluded), to print a show, to mount a show or display of ones work, produce a book, to travel to a location to pursue a specific photographic subject, or to print a limited edition portfolio. These are just some of the types of activities which will be funded. These funds are not intended for the purchase of equipment- [more details and rules here]

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2007 has been the first full year for Exposure Compensation.

For me this blog has become a mechanism to connect with you and share my passion for the art and craft of photography. You, as the reader, provide the real meaning and value of this blog and for that I convey my sincere appreciation.

I have multiple ideas for 2008, and I hope to find time to explore broader areas of photography and so to expand the reach and scope of Exposure Compensation.

I owe few words to express my gratitude to the many of you who also share your thinking writing your own personal blogs and make this such a wonderful community. Specially, I like to mention Jörg Colberg, the editor of Conscientious. As one of the pioneer bloggers on contemporary photography, reading his blog inspired me to start Exposure Compensation. Thanks indeed Jörg for leading this field and for your generosity to share.

As we approach the end of the year, it is always a good time to reflect about what moves our life forward, in a positive way. Rather than keeping the same habits, it is sometimes good to reflect and find a process to get unstuck of things that limit our life or creative process. The path we take is less important that the depth of our footprints. What at the ends matters the most is to do what we believe we should do and live our life according to our core values. Our beliefs define “our” framework for well-being, for happiness and for fulfillment: our passion for life.

In 1950s the NPR (National Public Radio) in the United States created a radio program, “This I Believe”, to point to the common grounds of beliefs, which is the essence of brotherhood and the floor of our civilization. Each day, millions of Americans turned on their radios to hear compelling essays from inspirational thinkers of that time as well as regular people, who condensed into few minutes the guiding principles by which they lived. Based on that program “This I Believe” is back, as an international project to listen to the beliefs of people. This project is a good source of inspiration to reflect on our believes and make sure they are in synchrony with our actions. A good exercise to start 2008.

Happy new year to all.

All courses of action are risky, so prudence is not in avoiding danger, but calculating risk and acting decisively. Make mistakes of ambition and not mistakes of sloth. Develop the strength to do bold things, not the strength to suffer. – Niccolo Machiavelli

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I have not used this service… but it is an interesting idea I thought I would pass around … this could be a useful way to assemble a personal database of images that are found in the net to keep for later evaluation and reference.


vi.sualize.us is a social bookmarking website for visual contentsvi.sualize.us (read visualize us) allows you to remember your favorite images around the web, and share them with everyone.

Sometimes, you are looking through pictures and one of them catches your eye. You know you want to save it so you can look at it again in the future, but it’s not that easy: downloading to your hard disk is as useless as bookmarking the website in the usual way.

This is where vi.sualize.us changes the rules. Within two clicks, you can save the image reference in your account, and easily look at it whenever you want to, just as your new favorite picture deserves. All without thinking about what computer you stored it in: always online, always available.

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by Bill Sosin

Interesting series, “City Rain“, by Bill Sosin. Images taken through his car windshield. Now you know what else you can do when you get trapped in traffic during a rainy day. No excuse to be creative, anytime.

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I am travelling now and have no time and access to the web is difficult so no updates until early next week when get I get back home. Meanwhile, I may suggest you take some time to read older posts here or to visit the blogs listed in the blogroll … if they are not part of your usual reading list already.

Have a great week.

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