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[Limited series prints for sale at at the Humble Arts Foundation]

I am very pleased to post an in-depth interview with photographer Jennifer Loeber. Jennifer Loeber is a young photographer based in New York City. Jennifer’s portfolio reflects the exploration of an evolving artistic vision, from documentary series to portraits that have the quality to bridge both the subject and the viewer with a unique sense of intimacy. Her work was exhibited at a group show by the Humble Arts Foundation in New York City. Her latest series, Zeig Mal (Show Me), was featured in a profile on Gothamist.com and her first feature documentary, Fishkill Flea, is currently exhibiting internationally. Jennifer has also a personal blog.



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Peter van Agtmael with a group of Afghan soldiers [abc news]

Over at Conscientious, Jöerg Colberg has posted a very interesting conversation with documentary photographer Peter van Agtmael [published also at PopPhoto.com].

It is refreshing to see new emerging photographers, some in their 20s like Peter, making a difference with their work. You can also read another interview with Peter van Agtmael at Smithsonian.com and an interesting photo diary by Peter published at abcnews. Some aditional images from Peter’s can be seen here.

“I get really frustrated when I hear excuses about not publishing pictures in the name of protecting the privacy of wounded soldiers. With few exceptions, the folks I’ve met have wanted others to see what they went through in their name. I think the real problem is that America has a guilty conscience and we don’t want to see the pain caused by our folly.” – Peter van Agtmael

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[From Vacancy, 2004-2005] © Timothy Briner

Because of my presence, regardless of the situation, I could never truly capture a scene as it was. Yes, I am creating a document, but it is flawed, mostly by that fact that I am there with a specific intention, to create something, therefore manipulating something. But there is more to it: The photograph itself is only an object; It is an object viewed and judged differently every time it is seen, therefore it separates itself farther from reality. – Timothy Briner

A young photographer breaking his path in fine art photography. His vision, his dreams, the challenges, the inspiration.

I had the opportunity to interview photographer Timothy Briner, and he shared a candid view of his work, projects and struggles as a young photographer.

After several personal projects and a brief exploration of commercial photography, Tim is now embarked in a project, Boonville, that intends to explore “small-town” America, its people and its cultural diversity across states. But this project is not only a journey through America but a discovery of his own path.

The Boonville project is a a year-long cross-country journey to six different towns named Boonvilles across the United States. Timothy will be living with families and individuals during his thirty-plus days in each town. The final product will take images from the six communities, juxtaposing them together to create a fictional town named “Boonville”.

The Boonville project project is really about the people living in modern America: the good, the bad and the indifferent. This project is a dream come true. Traveling across the country, working on what you wish, when you wish; It all sounds very romantic. And it is! But not without some debate. I am grateful and very excited to be doing what I am doing. But it gets lonely.-Timothy Briner

Read the dialogue with Tim after the jump.


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